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Please complete the following questions to help us gain a better understanding of what is important to you.

Research identifies that children with engaged parents are more likely to earn higher grades, graduate high school, develop self-confidence and motivation within the classroom, and have better social skills*. At St. Francis, we believe increased parent engagement results in a team approach that allows students to reach their academic potential.

At St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy (SFOA), we have struggled to involve and engage parents in their child’s learning. We had less than 8% of parents complete the Alberta Education Assurance Measure annual survey. 

As a result, SFOA would like to hear more voices and learn more about which activities you feel have a large impact on your involvement with the school. 

*American Psychological Association. Parent Engagement in Schools. Retrieved from apa.org: https://www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/programs/safe-supportive/parental-engagement/default.aspx